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Our Story

Always Safe. Always Easy. Always Delicious.

When I was born, I was labeled a failure to thrive baby. Ever since I can remember, majority of my doctor visits were them trying to figure out what was “wrong with me”.

I have severe allergies to milk and wheat. I don’t eat soy, animal protein, yeast, artificial colors and I also respond negatively to cross contamination.

The Harsh Reality of Food Allergies

People think I’m crazy or am overreacting because I stay away from restaurants, homes, events or meetings where wheat is present. 

I try to avoid them like the plague! 

My friends have offered to cook for me – bless them! I graciously decline every time because they would have to clean their whole kitchen, wipe down door handles, ceiling fans and chairs etc. 

Oh and that’s before we even have the “ingredients” and “made in a facility” conversations regarding what they could actually prepare for me.

It is just easier for me to either bring my own food or not participate in food centered activities.

They don’t really understand the severity of my reactions until I show them this picture. 

Allergic Reaction to Wheat

This reaction started after we came back from a restaurant.

The pressure in my ears started first. Then the  slowed breathing, swollen face, painful hives and exhaustion followed.

What I couldn’t understand, was WHY it was happening.

I didn’t order anything I couldn’t eat (or so I thought). I wore long sleeves. I had my sibling hold the menu when I ordered. I thought I had been careful.

If only the restaurant had been transparent about their ingredients. If only they and trained their employees on how to answer food allergy related questions correctly. The trauma I experienced from unknowingly ingesting wheat that day and the 3 months of recovery… wouldn’t have happened.

I just eat at home now – it’s safer for me.

Changing The Status-Quo

Over the years, watching others enjoy something as simple as a piece of cake, knowing I couldn’t eat it too, became too unbearable.

Dessert options for people with life-threatening food allergies had been: bake from scratch to stay safe, be subjected to subpar options from the marketplace or go without desserts completely.

I had no idea how to bake anything other than whatever was in a box mix and that tasted like cardboard.

The frustration around the lack of flavor and weird textures in allergen free desserts, led to me learning how to bake for myself.

I had no idea what I was up against by baking without some of the most crucial ingredients needed in dessert making.

I wanted to make my mixes as natural, clean and less processed as possible.

I only used certified organic, Non-GMO, gluten free and Fair trade ingredients. You know – real food!

My desire to make something that looked appealing, tasted amazing and wouldn’t hurt me pushed me through.

It took 5 years of research & development, prayer and tears to get my mixes to my high standard.

I heavily relied on my science and engineering background for these mixes.

Each one is made with premium ingredients carefully crafted for a safe, easy and delicious experience.

"I named my company The Pink Bakery because “Pink” means love. I put a lot of love into my mixes and wanted you to know, that someone just like you made these, for you!"

What This Means To You

Always Safe

Always Easy

Always Delicious

Always Included

The Pink Bakery is the 1st Premium Top Allergen Free Baking Mix Company in the U.S

Our dedicated top allergen free facility has impeccable sourcing standards and careful oversight every step of the way.

Everything we make is free from: Celery, Coconut, Eggs, Fin-Fish, Lupines, Milk, Mustard, Nuts (all), Peanuts, Sesame, Shellfish, Soy, Sulphites and Wheat.

You can make allergen free desserts for every occasion with our safe, easy and delicious baking mixes that produce consistent results each time.

“I believe no one should feel excluded from life’s celebratory moments because of a food allergy.” Nubian

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