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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Pink Bakery is TN’s 1st Big 8 Allergen Free Bakery. We make desserts and mixes for people with food allergies to the Big 8 foods. We only use organic, Non-GMO, gluten free, fair trade and responsibly sourced ingredients. The desserts are naturally vegan. Made in a state inspected dedicated kitchen, free of the Big 8!

We are hoping you will help us to open the 1st Big 8 Allergen Free retail Bakery in the South!

I have met so many others that suffer from food allergies like me in the markets where I sell my desserts weekly. The stories I hear will make you cry. I am so happy that I can give people experiences they have never had before or for some, give them a positive experience with food.


I can’t forget the father who was searching high and low to find a vegan smash cake for his daughter’s 1st birthday. She will never know what it feels like to have not had a cake on that day, because we were able to make sure she had a cake to smash into.
I met a 12 year old young woman who was able to eat one of our doughnuts. It was her very first time having one. Her parents were so thankful that she could finally eat something and they didn’t have to worry about going to the hospital that evening.
Lastly, I have met one too many brides who have told me that had they not found out about us, they were just not going to even have a cake for their wedding. Can you image having to even think about that? Luckily, this bride was able to enjoy her wedding day and have cake despite her severe food allergies.
The stories can go on and on and that warms my heart. Knowing that because of these desserts and mixes, people can experience a “normal life” is what keeps me going. There is so much anxiety and fear around food and we completely ease that.
The Pink Bakery desserts and mixes are safe!
We have out grown the current kitchen and we need your help to support us being able to make safe desserts for the food allergic communities in the Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and nation wide. We need our own dedicated commercial kitchen. Please help us make this dream a reality!
TPB Reward Based Gifting Levels

This will be the 1st Big 8 allergen free retail bakery in the south! No amount is too small. For everyone that donates, we will add your name to the inside walls of our bakery – this will be your legacy.

$.01-$100 name listed small

$500 1 Mix – Not So Plain Jane Sugar Cookie & Pie Crust Mix and name listed medium

$1,000 2 mixes – No Frownie Brownie and Not So Plain Jane Sugar Cookie & Pie Crust Mix and name listed large

$5,000 3 mixes – Mama’s Favorite Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cake Mix, No Frownie Brownie and Not So Plain Jane Sugar Cookie & Pie Crust Mix and name listed large

$10,000 room in Bakery named after a person or organization (3 available) also name listed large

$25,000 main entry room named after the person or organization seen as soon as everyone walks in the Bakery and all 3 mixes (1 available) also name listed large

What will your gift go toward?

$50,000 helps us to be able to pay our down payment

$150,000 helps us to be able to pay our down payment and pay for renovations

$250,000 helps us to be able to pay our down payment, pay for renovations purchase our bakery equipment and purchase inventory

Thank you so much in advance! xoxo

Nubian – The Pink Baker

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Our delicious, safe and easy mixes take the guesswork out of allergen-safe baking for at-home and corporate chefs!